Whose Idea Was It to Make James Ellsworth and Carmella a Couple?

Carmella and James Ellsworth have been one of the most diabolical on-screen couples in recent WWE memory. In playing the perfect toad to Carmella's "Princess of Staten Island," Ellsworth has become an essential part of WWE. However, given that he was once fighting AJ Styles for the WWE Championship, whose idea was it for him to pivot and join forces with Carmella?

On an appearance on Jerry Lawler's podcast, Dinner With the King, Ellsworth revealed that it was Carmella herself who came up with the concept.

"I think it was last year on the European tour in November, she came to me and said, 'Hey, I have this idea about putting you with me whenever you're done with the Dean Ambrose and AJ stuff comes to an end, I have this idea to pitch to them. They put you with me, you fall in love with me, and I use that to my advantage to win matches and get me to the women's title,'" explained Ellsworth.

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We have to applaud Carmella's foresight as her pairing with Ellsworth has been quite the hit. By helping her win not 1 but 2 Money in the Bank Ladder matches, Carmella and Ellsworth become the most hated duo in WWE.

"I said yeah, that would be a great idea. I didn't know her much back then. She went to Vince, and she pitched right to Vince, and Vince loved it. It's ten, going on eleven months that we've been on TV together. We are good friends. We text all the time. She's a very, very smart girl, and she's easy to talk to. We get along great," he said.

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With so many reports about WWE Superstars being complacent or afraid to take risks, it's refreshing to hear Carmella being so direct with her career in conversation with Vince McMahon. Even more, Carmella is routinely proven right as her relationship with Ellsworth is a consistent talking point for WWE fans.

Lately, Ellsworth has devolved from Carmella's heatseeker to her (kayfabe) sex slave. While it's an odd turn of event's we almost have no choice but to trust the idea as it likely came from Ms. Money in the Bank herself.