Carmella and Big Cass Have Officially Split

Two weeks ago, Carmella deleted every speck of Big Cass from her social media accounts. Despite the fatal maneuver, there was no confirmation the couple has actually split. Until now.

Carmella made a post to Instagram that made the couple's breakup indisputable.

"This weeks episode of #totaldivas is bittersweet for me. Moving, injuries, tears and more! There's no rule book for this type of lifestyle, so I'm just trying to learn as I go! Cass will always hold a special place in my heart. ❤️ Plus, he's going to make one hell of a comeback! 👊🏽"

Cass and Carmella began dating back in their NXT days. Their breakup comes as a surprise considering they recently purchased a house in Tampa, FL together.

The remnants of their relationship will be on full display during the current season of Total Divas. Now that we know the bitter end, we can all pass judgment on which episode of Total Divas was the straw that broke the relationship's back. Then again, maybe Cass and Carmella had a graceful departure from one another. By the looks of Carmella's goodbye message, things look like they ended peacefully.


Cass has yet to comment on the situation, but we will keep you posted if this story evolves.