WWE Recently Declined Bret Hart's Offer to Help Them Creatively

Some would make the case that Bret "The Hitman" Hart is the greatest wrestler of all time. Even more folks would be willing to state that The Hitman had the best mind for the sport. Regardless, few have a comparable resume to the 5-time WWE champion. So when he offered to help WWE creatively, you'd think they'd be eager to accept his help.


Hart appeared on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast and revealed that he made a pitch to WWE official to chip in backstage.

"I hesitated on that for a long time; it was about four years ago I went up to them and threw the ball at them, made that pitch that I would give them ideas and help with the writing of the shows, creation of the matches and how storylines would go and so forth," Hart explained.

However, despite Hart's goodwill he and WWE couldn't come to terms on a schedule and thus, the concept of the Hitman back in WWE died.

"I think I would be really good for them, but I sort of made the offer, but the way it was thrown back at me was about the schedule; I was letting them know that I didn't want to be on the road every day but that I could fly in for TV, and I think I left with letting them know that I can fly in for TV and never heard from them. Vince [McMahon] and Triple H thanked me for the offer and we left it at that," he said.

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It's a shame Hart and WWE couldn't work something out and he undeniably could be a good teacher. WWE's schedule is infamously rigorous and was even cited by Kurt Angle as the chief reason for him leaving the company 10 years ago. WWE and their Superstars typically put on 5 show a week and that comes with an absurd amount of travel. At 60 years old, Bret Hart rightly chose to insulate himself from the weekly WWE odyssey.


But it sounds like Hart is at least interesting in lending a helping hand and maybe one day he'll be involved with the company's product.

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