Breezango Bring Miami Vice Back to WWE

WWE tag team Breezango have twice taken a major leap forward in time, stepping out of the smokey black-and-white film noir of past "Fashion Files" vignettes into the pastel and neon '80s style of Miami Vice.

The updated "Fashion Vice" segments aired during the Money in the Bank PPV and this week's SmackDown Live, kick-starting the duo's feud with SmackDown tag rivals The Ascension. But Breezango aren't the first WWE tag team to do a Miami Vice parody.

Way back in 1985, WWE talk-show Tuesday Night Titans aired a series of skit called Fuji Vice. The segments starred tag legends "Magnificient" Don Muraco and his manager Mr. Fuji as two vice cops who help bring down a drug ring "by accident."

Employing the highest production values of that time for WWE, these clips may have faded into wrestling obscurity were it not for their inclusion in Mr. Fuji's induction into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007, and resurfacing once again in tributes following his passing last year at age 82.

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Beyond parody skits, several WWE superstars actually appeared on the original Miami Vice. Afa Anoai of WWF tag champions the Wild Samoans (and relative of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Roman Reigns, and The Usos) appeared alongside legendary manager Captain Lou Albano as a nameless henchmen in an episode of the popular TV show.

Week after week, Tyler Breeze and Fandango's "Fashion Files" segments remain one of the most entertaining aspects of SmackDown Live. Parodying detective and police procedural TV tropes from Law & Order to Sherlock Holmes, the vignettes have elevated the duo's profile in the tag team division and the WWE televised product.


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With the big reveal of The Ascension as Breezango's "mystery assailants" out of the way, where can the "Fashion Files" go from here? Perhaps Aiden English will lead the garment gumshoes in a revival of notorious 90s musical sitcom Cop Rock...