Possible Spoiler on the Identity of Sister Abigail

For too long, Sister Abigail has been a shallow layer of Bray Wyatt's character. Even though his finishing maneuver earned her namesake and her spirit was possibly trapped in his rocking chair, Bray Wyatt's use of Sister Abigail only truly existed in words.

But that looks to be changing. Bray Wyatt took the form of long-lost sister/zombie-witch during his promo with Finn Balor last night. The Eater of Worlds would even go on to tease his lost relative's imminent appearance.

"Abigail is alive," Wyatt told Balor. "She is dying to meet you."

Well, NXT talent and Mae Young Classic competitor, Sage Beckett shared an eerily relevant tweet in the hours following Bray's decree.

Beckett is an obscure name, but that may be exactly the point. Some fans were already clamoring for Paige to turn up as Sister Abigail, but that most likely will not be the case as Paige is set to return to SmackDown this month. Even though the timelines match up, WWE needs Paige to be herself, not a strange character that we may never see again.

WWE pulling from an unexposed pool of talent from NXT is their only option. We don't know much about Beckett other than she's 5'11" and very well could be a dominant force like Nia Jax. It's hard to ignore her tweet too, as it's hard could be dismissed as a coincidence.

The actual manifestation of Sister Abigail could be huge for Wyatt. For too long, he's been a man of hollow threats, so much so that fan has begun to hold him accountable. While Wyatt was recently WWE champion, he ha a tendency to lose big matches. Even further, his feuds have all be creatively identical aside from the notorious House of Horrors match.


Regardless, the prospective addition of Sister Abigail is WWE reasserting that they are invested in the Wyatt character. While fans have astutely observed that Bray doesn't win all of his matches, they do love jutting their phones in the air to become one of Bray's fireflies.

Sister Abigal is coming. It may be good. It May be bad. But it will surely be interesting.