Braun Strowman and Big Show Bring Carnage to RAW's Main Event

In a showcase of behemoths, Braun Strowman beat Big Show to close RAW. For Vince McMahon, the only way tonight's main event could have been better would be to have Roman Reigns-Hogan scoop slam and leg drop Strowman into oblivion.

Tonight's display of immortal strength and brutality will likely be one of Strowman's final tune-ups before No Mercy. To WWE's credit, they're doing a lovely job of expanding the lore of Strowman by staging moments that are bound to go viral. Whether it's surviving an ambulance crash, or tossing an office chair 80 mph, Strowman has a profound ability to make headlines.

In reality, this could suffice as Big Show's swan song. For the first time since the Clinton Administration, Big Show took flight.

Props to both men for laying their bodies on the line on free TV. Strowman continues to wow us with every opportunity WWE gives him. The Monster Among Men is begging to take shape as someone whose appeal can penetrate pop culture - Strowman is a walking Ripley's Believe It Or Not exhibit. While it's still very early in his career, WWE has to be thrilled with his progress.

That said, is there any way he leaves No Mercy as Universal Champion? WWE would be hard pressed to take the title off of Brock Lesnar. Strowman is great, but Brock Lesnar has been doing this "monster gimmick" for 15 years now. As attractive as Strowman may be, he'll likely never reach the cross-cultural status of Brock Lesnar. With all of that said, expect Brock Lesnar to retain his Universal Championship at No Mercy.

However, Strowman's day will one day come. WWE has staved off Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 34 and it's a bomb they'll wait to drop. As big as John Cena vs. Reigns can be, WWE obviously feels that Reigns vs. Lesnar will be bigger. In the meantime, WWE will continue to feed Strowman. Eventually, he will be too popular to deny.


WWE has the luxury of time. They don't need Stroman as Champion quite yet. This will allow them to slow play his rise and give him the chance to organically climb to the top. This was something they couldn't do with Reigns as circumstances forced them to slingshot him past the mid-card ranks and directly into the main event.

Strowman is special, WWE Universe. Imagine what he'll be like in a year.