WWE Releases Big Cass

WWE announced Tuesday afternoon that Big Cass has officially been released.

This comes as quite the surprise as just two days ago he opened Money in the Bank in a high profile match against Daniel Bryan. At this moment the details are limited, but Big Cass was involved in recent backstage controversy this May. However, at this time, the reason behind Cass' sudden exit is open to speculation.

WWE.com released the following statement on their decision.

"WWE has come to terms on the release of William Morrissey (Big Cass)."

Regardless of backstage rumors, Cass appeared to be climbing up WWE's card. His feud with Daniel Bryan was easily the most significant moment of his career— despite him losing two pay-per-view matches. It's worth noting that Cass' performance at Money in the Bank was exceptional, making this news all the more confusing.

Fans have already taken notice that WWE's statement is missing the proverbial well wish regarding his future endeavors. Enzo Amore also was stiffed of a friendly wave goodbye when he was fired in January amid sexual assault allegations.

Cass has yet to make a statement but his last tweet doesn't sound like a man who is on his way out of WWE.

"Been training with the best submission specialist in WWE @DrewGulak. Tonight, I will embarrass Daniel Bryan by making him tap out...or just kick him in the head. Either way, I will prove why I am the BEST wrestler in WWE. BIG man>little man #MITB"

The aforementioned controversy stems from an incident in May where Cass reportedly ignored orders from WWE officials and Vince McMahon himself. In a segment where Cass was supposed to humiliate a little person acting as Daniel Bryan, Cass apparently wanted to inflict an extra dose of damage. The request to beat up his co-star was rejected by all parties. Cass reportedly appealed to Vince McMahon who also shot down the idea. Yet, despite multiple stop signs, Cass still added a barrage of extra punches at the end of the segment.

WWE was said to be upset with Cass' decision, but the big man did not see any opportunities revoked. We'll keep you updated at this one develops.