New Report Suggests Big Cass is Healthy

Just as things began to look gloomy for Big Cass, a touch a good news has emerged regarding the SmackDown star's health.

According to PWInsider, Cass will travel with the Blue Brand this week and will make all of his expected live event dates. This development looks to put an end to any serious injury concerns surrounding the 30-year old surgically repaired ACL.

After being pulled from several matches during WWE's European tour on top of being forced to miss a SmackDown match, rumors of Cass having a setback from ACL sought began to bubble. Some sites reported Cass as WWE feared another surgery may be ins the card. However, that was likely all an exaggeration of the circumstances.

While Cass may indeed have a sore knee, all of this looks to be storyline. When Cass was first yanked form a match in Europe, Dave Meltzer quickly pointed out that this was a routine he'd been pulling all of that week—indicating that WWE was using his knee issues to tell a story.

They totally are.

A few weeks ago, Daniel Bryan made a targeted attack on the big man's knee- and Cass has been selling the damage ever since. When Cass was "forced" to miss his Monye in the Bak Qualifying match against, Samoa Joe, last week, WE pivoted to Daniel Bryan vs. Jeff Hardy. The winner, who turned out to be Daniel Bryan, gets Samoa Joe this Tuesday on Smackdown.

This is where Big Cass will likely enter the fray.

Seeing that he and Bryan are in the middle of a program, Tuesday is the perfect opportunity for Cass to exact his revenge. By costing Bryan his chance at Money in the Bank, Cass also slams the door on of the quickest routs for Bryan to become WWE champion. Considering the WWE crowd already despises Cass, this devious act will make him hated.

Which is obviously the plan.


So to make an official prediction, Cass and Bryan are on pace for a blowoff match at Money in the Bank. While Samoa Joe will join The Miz, Braun Strowman, Big E, Bobby Roode, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, and Rusev in the quest to capture a suspended briefcase. Handicapping that match is nearly an impossible task at this point in the game as we can only truly rule out Bobby Roode from winning the briefcase bonanza.

For Bryan and Cass, the winner of that feud—which has to be Bryan—will be on the short list of potential WWE Champion.