How a Bus Bathroom Incident May Have Contributed to Big Cass' Exit From WWE

The wake of Big Cass' sudden departure from WWE has enabled heaps of speculative reports. Ranging from Cass not being able to hold his liquor to a gratuitous beatdown of a little person, theories on WWE's decision to fire Cass are in no shortage.

However, a new report just emerged.

According to ProWrestlingSheet, Cass had a particularly off-putting incident on one of WWE's tour buses. the story goes that Cass found himself stuck in the bus bathroom thanks to a malfunctioning door. However, Cass thought he was being pranked, so instead of applying rational thought, he elected for force and busted the down the door. But the joke was on him because there was no prank at play.

Anyone who's ever ridden in such buses knows that those bathrooms are no place to be stuck. However, when the door is ripped off its hinges, the entire bus adopts the smells of the bathroom. Even more, the WWE Superstars on board would have to use the bathroom without any semblance of privacy.

ProWrestlingSheet notes that Cass' destructive action irked some of his peers, but others understood Cass' decision.

Now it's highly unlikely that Cass busting out of a bus bathroom lead to him being fired. But, this is another data point in the investigation of Cass' character. Unfortunately for Cass, his choices are going to be examined by the masses and because it's 2018, he likely won't be getting any benefit of the doubt.

That said, Cass' release is believed to be due to a culmination of events rather than one ugly incident. Oddly enough there has yet to be any mentioning of legal issues. Instead, every piece of news that seeps out has indicted Cass' character—not unlike those early locker room stories of Enzo Amore.

For Amore, it was his sexual assault allegation that saw him removed from the company. Even though those proved to be false, simply being involved in such seedy accusations was believed to be the proverbial final straw.


We're not sure what Cass' ultimate offense was, but it is believed that Vince McMahon fired him before Tuesday's episode of SmackDown.

As of this moment, Cass' exit is still a headscratcher. We'll assume there's still more to come, but at the moment there's not much incriminating evidence. However, it's Vince McMahon's company and he gets to pick and choose who stays and who goes. And unfortunately for Cass, he's gone.