WWE Officially Ends the Beach Ball Debate

Four days removed from SummerSlam and the hottest topic in WWE is not a wrestler or a match, but an inanimate object. Instead of Braun Strowman or Brock Lesnar, fans and wrestling personalities want to yap about beach balls.

Well, the conversation just ended — WWE has officially slammed their gavel on the subject. According to PWInsider, fans can no longer bring beach balls, pool noodles or any other inflatable toy to WWE shows. Fans who cannot abide by WWE's new rules will be subject to removal.

This comes after several polarizing instances that involve Brooklyn's rowdy crowd volleying a beach ball around during multiple WWE shows this week. The subject brings out hot takes. Some fans and wrestlers alike seem to think it's a show of blatant disrespect.

Other fans argue that the beach ball is their way of enhancing the fun at an event they're already enjoying. John Cena shares that sentiment.

"The reason I want to address those things for real is because I love when an audience has fun. And tonight, you guys, no matter what, you wanted to bring out a beach ball, call a security guard an A-hole, rock this place with the wave, and let everyone know Monday Night RAW was coming from the BK," Cena said.

Regardless of how we or Cena feel on the topic, beach balls have been officially snuffed out by WWE. It's something the company has tolerated, especially at their wildest crowds, but when a talent actually hopes the guardrail intervenes, that changes everything. While it was a fun moment and proved to be harmless, it could have been much worse. So although WWE looks like they're killing the fun, it's more of them protecting themselves legally than impeding you from having fun.

Chances are some rebellious fans will still try to sneak a beach ball into WWE arenas, but WWE will have their security guards armed with bobby pins. Too bad.