Is WWE Planning an On-Screen Romance for Bayley?

WWE Superstar Bayley has had a rough go as of late. At Extreme Rules, she was quickly disposed of by rival Alexa Bliss. She has yet to wrestle on RAW since.

She did, however, have an odd interview segment with Corey Graves a few weeks back. It's hard to say what WWE's intentions were but the exchange came off as awkward, not whimsical. The pre-taped interview ended with Bayley asking for a hug, to which Graves obliged. The embrace lasted far too long with Bayley whispering "I just rubbed your back," to Graves.

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Well, it sounds like that madness had some method behind it.

WWE officials are rumored to be planning a Bayley romance angle, with you guessed it, Corey Graves.

It's certainly an out-of-the-box idea, so we can commend WWE for trying to be creative. There's an odd dynamic at play here. Bayley is as babyface as it gets with Graves been RAW's heel on the announce team. Is WWE trying to monetize the cliche of good girls liking bad guys?

Graves himself is seeing his roles expand by the week. As the liaison between the RAW text message scandal and GM Kurt Angle, Graves is getting plenty of screen time. Perhaps his biggest accomplishment comes from his investigative journalism, though. It was Graves who ousted Big Cass for staging his attack which leads to the ultimate spitting of the popular tag team. Point being, Graves is becoming a priority for RAW.

A romance angle for Bayley sounds like a really bad idea. If anything it feels like a desperate way for her character to gain traction. Perhaps it has come to that, though. So although its sounds flat, maybe WWE can surprise us here.


It's a risky play and one that could categorically end Bayley's career, but if it works, it could be sensational. Let's hope Bayley and Graves have good chemistry or we're in for some cringeworthy moments. Stay tuned, folks.

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