WWE Has Reportedly 'Given Up' on Bayley

Perhaps no one needed the cathartic moment of turning the calendar from 2017 to 2018 than Bayley. However, all of the optimism that comes with the fresh start of a new year may not matter for the former RAW Women's Champion, because WWE may be done giving her opportunities.

On a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, internet wrestling czar Dave Meltzer asserted that Bayley may, in fact, be doomed in WWE.

"They have already given up on her," Meltzer said. "And they've given up on her a long long time ago. When they're gonna protect Mickie James over you when Mickie James was brought in to be a filler to lose on the roster, that just tells you. The dice has been cast with her already."

While this is quite the damning take, WWE has supplied little evidence that this is not actually what's going on. Vince McMahon and Co. not only made Bayley RAW Women's Champion in February of 2017, but she actually successfully defended the belt at WrestleMania 33. However, her term as champion was so flat that she's been all but removed from anything that resembles consequence.

Even worse, the sunshine babyface that is Bayley actually wore out her welcome with the WWE fanbase. Bayley lost a SummerSlam title opportunity after suffering a shoulder injury in August. And when it was time for her "I'll be back, but stronger" generic good girl promo, she was actually booed by the RAW crowd.

The decline of Bayley is certainly multifaceted but it's clear that WWE isn't interested in rehabbing her character. Since her return from injury, she's done little more than play the part of Sasha Banks' shadow. Some of WWE's hopeful postulate that this may lead to a heel turn, but given the arrival of WrestleMania season, Bayley will likely be stuffed into the darkest corners of WWE's basement.

However, no character is ever too far gone in WWE and at 28-years old, Bayley still has plenty of time for a renaissance. However, she may be in for new lows to open 2018. With the arrival of Asuka, Paige her Absolution faction, and the possible addition of Ronda Rousey, Bayley has never been less relevant.


Hang in there, Bayley.