Batista Interested in Full Time Return to WWE

The last we saw Batista, he was fulfilling our dreams as he tapped out to Daniel Bryan at [...]

The last we saw Batista, he was fulfilling our dreams as he tapped out to Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 30. In his absence, he's become second only The Rock in when it comes to WWE Superstars jumping to Hollywood. Despite his success on the big screen, Batista has kept a finger on WWE's pulse and is actually considering making a prolonged return to the ring.

On a recent episode of WWE Hall of Famer's Jim Ross' podcast, Batista opened on the possibility of coming back to WWE. According to the Animal, he not only wants to step in the ring, but he'd like to do it as a full-time WWE Superstar. Even more, Batista says that Vince McMahon is well aware of this. Bastisa was so earnest in his intentions that he says he wants to even work house shows - something other part-timers categorically avoid.

The 6-time WWE Champion also underlined that he wishes to come back for a program with his old running mate, Triple H. Batista qualified all of this by asserting he and WWE's schedule would have to line up to make this magic happen.

In the past, Batista has been coy about a potential return to wrestling. His interview with Ross was his most transparent conversation on the subject yet and seemed to indicate that Batista back in WWE is imminent. If that is indeed the case, this is a situation worth monitoring. For someone of Batista's caliber, Vince McMahon and Co. would not blink at bringing him back and tossing him into significant WWE storylines. In short, this could be a lot of fun.

Ironically, at 48 years old, Batista is the same age as of WWE's most important character at the moment, Triple H. He's actually 2 year's younger than the midcard's top heel, and Knox County, Tennessee Mayorial candidate Kane. So any detractions made about Batista's age will likely be moot - WWE loves older guys!

We will keep you posted as this story develops over time.