Alicia Foxx: 'Sometimes I Feel Embarrassed of My Career'

While WWE's Women's Revolution proved to be fruitful for many, there were a few women Superstars who were skipped by the movement's fairy dust. Despite the bountiful success of Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, and even Carmella, some women's status in WWE has remained unchanged.

Alicia Foxx is one of the unfortunate few who have seen a negligible elevation in this abundant time for women's wrestling. Foxx appeared on Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia reflected on her career in candid fashion.

"Sometimes I feel embarrassed of my career in a sense because like when the fans come up and say, 'Underrated or this or that.' I never really realized that until social media popped up. Then I'm left thinking, 'Am I underrated?'" she questioned.

Foxx would go on to underline that, despite being a Women's Champion, she never had a semblance of merchandise.

"I'm one of the only girls that don't have any merch, never had any merch even when the Bella Twins and I were together it was still Team Bella, but I never complained about any of those things because in my head, 'It's okay, it's okay.' A lot of fluffy content thinking," she admitted.

It is peculiar that even though Foxx has been with WWE since 2008 she has yet to get even a t-shirt. Foxx has taken notice of being skipped and is no longer so agreeable on the matter.

"But you know what, maybe it's not okay, but then it gets me upset and angry because then I'm thinking well what will my next chapter look like?" she asked. "Is it going to be okay if I'm not putting food on my table or my career's at the control of someone else?"

Foxx has been involved with Total Divas since the show's first season but was prominently featured in seasons 3-6. She's was less featured in season 6 and now finds herself off the cast totally for season 7. Was there a reason for this?

"I was on it and I didn't like the way I came off. Not because of their editing, but because of myself. I didn't like seeing where I was at that point," she explained.

In retrospect, Foxx just wants a fan on the image she was conveying.


"I thought I looked like a crazy young drunken nut. Trust me, I have those moments still, but I didn't like everyone else seeing that. That made me feel very uncomfortable," she said.

Foxx seems a little downtrodden. At the moment it doesn't look like WWE has too much room for her, either. However, Foxx is not only easy on the eyes, but also quite talented. Let's hope she gets a renaissance a la Naomi on SmackDown.