Alexa Bliss Gets Icy About Ronda Rousey Joining WWE

Alexa Bliss has never been one to shy away from trading verbal barbs. But when it came to discussing Ronda Rousey in WWE, the Raw Women's Champion was all too curt.

TMZ Sports caught up with Bliss at LAX and instantly hopped into questions about Ronda Rousey. When asked if she was concerned about the former UFC Champion storming into WWE and snatching her title, Bliss dismissed the notion.

"Please, I'm a fighting champion I'm not worried about anybody taking my belt," she said.

TMZ kept digging and asked Bliss what she would say to Rousey if she decided to pursue the RAW Women's Championship.

"Good luck," said a smug Bliss.

There has been plenty of smoke regarding Rousey, joining WWE. Last week, her a Triple H had dinner in Los Angeles, a meeting that drew loads of speculation. Seeing that we're so close to the Rumble, their interaction seemed to infer some type pre-Royal Rumble agreement. But from our vantage point, we can only guess.

Rousey began actually in-ring training a few months ago and that was after she was incessantly implicated in WWE rumors this summer. Even more, Rousey actually was involved in a backstage segment with Charlotte Fair, Becky Lynch and Bayley has she issued an imminent challenge bu saying "You name the time, you name the place." While those plans looked to have stalled, it was only a concept to get Rousey in WWE. Now it looks they may use the Royal Rumble.


Barring something unforeseen, Ronda Rousey will be a WWE Superstar. For Vince McMahon and CO., this is nothing less than a coup. In the same way Brock Lesnar legitimized the men's wrestling, Rousey will add an undeniable element of reality to the women's division. But perhaps Rousey's most marketable attribute is her star power. As much as NXT stars like Asuka or Ruby Riott can be hyped up, Rousey joining WWE will immediately penetrate pop culture. For WWE, access to new fans, even if temporary, is a near priceless opportunity.

We will keep you updated as this story develops, but anticipate the next chapter to center around Rousey finally signing a WWE contract or making an internet-breaking Rumble appearance.