Alberto El Patron Rumored for WWE Return

Paige, Xavier Woods, and Triple H can all hang their heads; Alberto El Patron may be coming back to WWE.

PWInsider reports that the former WWE Champion was in Stamford, CT last week to film interview material for a Rey Mysterio project. Even more, numerous sources could confirm that El Patron and Vince McMahon himself had a meeting. But on top of everything, PWI says that McMahon is a proponent of El Patron and has been interested in making his return happen for some time.

No one could ever tell you that El Patron is a bad wrestler or even a bad on-screen character, he’s actually world class. But it’s the real-life Alberto that causes problems. The 40-year old was last with WWE in the fall of 2016 but requested his release due to frustration with his spot on the card.

A few months after that, Patron landed in Impact Wrestling, but that contract is set to expire next month. While it sounds like everything is lining up for Patron to come to WWE after WrestleMania, Impact has apparently made him a priority for their future.

2017 proved to be a messy year for Alberto. He and WWE Superstar Paige spent most of the year making negative headlines — stories egregious enough for Impact to strip him of their highest championship. As the year came to close, Paige and Alberto ironically made a peaceful split, however, El Patron reneged his goodwill and lashed out at Paige in the weeks after their breakup.

When he wasn't fighting with Paige, El Patron unleashed drunken diatribes on Xavier Woods and Triple H; going as far as challenging them to a real-life brawl in San Antonio. Needless to say, if El Patron joined the WWE locker room tomorrow, he’d have a few awkward if not incendiary interactions.


With EC3 already signed to WWE and Bobby Lashley rumored to be returning any day, there does;t appear to be much room on WWE’s roster for someone like El Patron. However, if Vince McMahon wants him back, it will most certainly happen.

The window for Alberto’s return would likely open after WrestleMania season. We’ll keep you posted on this one as it develops.