WWE's Mike Kanellis Would 'Love to Go to NXT'

It's been a while since Mike Kanellis was seen on WWE television. The 33-year old is well aware of his cold streak but would happily accept any assignment—even a stint in NXT.

Kanellis was sent to RAW in April's Superstar Shake-up, but other than a brief cameo oat the Greatest Royal Rumble, Kanellis has been invisible. A fan asked him about this extended hiatus form on-camera action, and Kanellis revealed that he'd be open to a demotion to WWE's Yellow Brand.

"I’d love to go to NXT. I just wanna work and wrestle," he wrote.

His idea is novel but not without precedent. In May, WWE sent NXT stalwarts like The Revival, Tyler Breeze, and Tye Dillinger have made celebrity appearances on during random NXT shows. However, Kanellis seems like he'd be open to a longer stay.

In late April, Kanellis addressed fan on Twitter how said WWE was "doing him wrong," by keeping him on the shelf.

"Millions of guys and girls would love to work for WWE. Hundreds of guys and girls that work for WWE would love to be on the main roster. I work for WWE, on the main roster, on the RAW Brand. But WWE is doing me wrong? Give me a break. #perspective"

"You don’t get it. Putting things in perspective does not mean complacent. Maybe to you they are mutually exclusive, but to me, it means a happy healthy mind. I can be happy and want more."

While Kanellis has been inactive as a wrestler, as a human, he's had a remarkable calendar year. On top of becoming a father for the first time with wife and WWE Superstar Maria Kanellis, Mike is also in the middle of kicking his addiction to prescription drugs. He's approaching his year benchmark of being sober.


His wife posted the following message to Instagram when Kanellis set out on his journey.

July 15th was the beginning of the first week of my husband's recovery from prescription drugs. That was the hardest week of my life. People try and give advice or you can read every book but the truth is there is no right way for a person to get clean. My husband was addicted to prescription drugs and I didn't know. You blame yourself. You blame the business. You blame God. But, anyone can become addicted. No one is safe. A glamorous job doesn't protect you from addiction. It truly makes you wonder about everyone around you. Is that person hurting? What's that person's story? In these photos you see Mike in the hospital, finding his appetite, trying to workout, having a match for the first time at WWE, and playing with my niece with the marks from the Clonidine patch the hospital gave him still on his arm. Addicts don't look like the people in the movies sometimes. They are just people that took a road they shouldn't have. Mike is doing great. He channeled all that energy into working out and being healthy. Mike wanted to quit. Now, as we move forward even though the road is hard. It's the right road. I love you, My Friend. WE believe in you. You are a hero to so many. Keep Fighting. Keep Pushing. Be the Miracle.