Paige Returning to 'Total Divas'

After Carmella's departure from Total Divas, Season 8 needed to make a splash to fill her void. And Paige was happy to oblige.

A report from The Blast confirms that the SmackDown GM will make her return to the E! hit show. Paige was caught filming with the rest of the crew in Miami on Wednesday.

Paige total divas return wwe
(Photo: The Mega Agency)

Paige missed Season 7 and played a sporadic role in Season 6, but her return to the cast keeps her further embedded in the WWE family.

Earlier this year, the 25-year old suffered a career-ending injury. With her in-ring career, finished, fan feared she'd leave the company entirely; However, those concerns were alleviated when she was announced as SmackDown's new General Manager. And now that she's back on Total Divas, it seems like Paige will be around for the long haul.

Neck surgery kept Paige off camera for most of 2017, however, upon return, a scary January accident effectively ended her career.

It was an errant kick from Sasha Banks that put Paige down. In the months that have passed, Paige has admitted to possibly rushing her return, thus putting her health in fate’s hands. She opened up about the incident on E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness.

"I lost all feeling in my legs and my arms. It was literally the terrifying experience in my life and I would never wish that upon anyone. It was so scary," she recalled.

"I literally was like 'Oh my gosh, I'm done, I'm going to be in a wheelchair now, this is it, I've pushed myself too much,'" Paige admitted. "Because I really did, because every time I was in the match I was like 'its okay, I'll do the comeback, I'll take the bump, I'll do this, I'll do that' because I was just so eager to get back in the ring you know. I feel like I pushed myself too hard to the point of where my body was like 'stop.' You know I've been doing this since I was thirteen as well and my body was like 'you need time to grow woman.'"


In the footage, the severity of Paige's injury was painfully obvious. WWE medical staff attempted to put her on a stretcher, but she was able to leave the ring on their own two feet.

"I remember being in the match too and experiencing that and like 'maybe it's just my arms right?' So I'm like 'no I'm going to keep going.' And I remember trying to grab Sasha's legs and my arms felt like there were just no bones in them you know. So I'm trying to grab her legs and then like 'wait let me try to stand up and then I'll be good to do the comeback' and Sasha is like 'noooo, absolutely not.' Then I tried to stand up and I just look drunk. Like I just start stumbling and falling back," she said.