Update on Daniel Bryan's WWE Schedule Moving Forward

Now that Daniel Bryan has returned to active in-ring competition, the question on fan's minds is: how often can we expect to see Bryan wrestle?

Bryan is scheduled to compete this Sunday at Backlash in a match with Big Cass. Since his return to wrestling at WrestleMania 34, Bryan has been working at a pretty regular clip. According to a report from, that will continue for the forseeable future.

In fact, Bryan will be working a full time schedule with WWE from this point on. He is scheduled to work house shows throughout the month of May against The Miz, and he is listed on every SmackDown brand live event that has been advertised outside of Tokyo on June 29 and Taipei on July 1.

Upon his initial return to WWE, some had speculated that Bryan might be working a more part time schedule to compensate for a possible fear about his condition and ability to sustain a full time schedule. Bryan has been undergoing the most intense medical scrutiny that perhaps any WWE star ever has been put through; one of the conditions of his return was that he would agree to let WWE's staff examine him after every match.


So far, Bryan has help up fine throughout his return to active competition. Despite some brutal welts to his chest that were sustained at last week's Greatest Royal Rumble via some chops from Roderick Strong, Bryan remains fine and ready to compete. WWE declared on this past week's SmackDown that he had not been cleared to compete on that night's show due to a possible infection of the welts on his chest, however that was merely done for storyline purposes as Bryan worked a dark match against Shinsuke Nakamura following the show.

Bryan will have his second PPV match since his return this Sunday at WWE Backlash. At the event, Bryan takes on Big Cass in what is undoubtedly the biggest match of Cass's career to this point in time.