Sasha Banks and Bayley's WrestleMania Match Put on Ice?

Sasha Banks and Bayley have been teasing a violent break up ever since graduating from NXT to WWE. However, even though it looks like they're destined for a WrestleMania blowoff, we may have to wait a little longer.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio believes that WrestleMania's card, which projects to have 14 matches, will be too packed for a singles match between Banks and Bayley. Instead, their budding feud is likely to be used as a part of the freshly renamed WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal.

This comes as a bit of a bummer as Banks and Bayley are on the verge of some juicy animosity. However, instead of a new installment to their dynamite NXT rivalry, it appears we’ll have to stomach a battle royal appearance.

While it may seem unfair, it may be for the best. Bayley vs. Banks could be a story that significantly enhances both of their careers. So if their signature feud was reduced to a WrestleMania pre-show match, then WWE would have wasted an opportunity just for the sake of having another contest. So yes, we wish we’d get a heated WrestleMania feud, and even though we’ll have to wait, it will be worth it.

2017 was a character-building year for both Bayley and Banks. Even though they both held titles, they were quick, if not forgettable reigns. Bayley, in particular, went from RAW Women's Champion to an arbitrary bit player in a less than 3 months.


If Bayley's year was hard to watch, then Banks 2017 had to have been highly frustrating. Her fourth turn as Women’s Champion last only 8 days and ever since she’s seen Asuka, Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey zoom past her on WWE’s depth chart.

In the case of both women, we have to assume that their talent will eventually prevail. For Banks specifically, her young age of 26 promises a fruitful future in WWE if she can be patient and wait her turn. Banks is one of the best wrestlers in the company and given her ability to penetrate pop culture, she could be the unheralded future of women’s wrestling.