Matt Hardy Makes Another Obscure Reference to Jeff Hardy's Troubles

Jeff Hardy has had a rough go as of late. However, his esteemed brother, Matt Hardy, is here to help.

Jeff was arrested on March 10th for DWI. The incident did serious damage to his Cadillac and a 100 feet of a North Carolina, but Hardy walked away physically unscathed. However, given Hardy's past history of addiction, this is hardly an isolated incident.

In light of the trying times, Matt Hardy made a few abstract posts to Twitter in support of his baby brother.

While he could have been speaking generally, the context of the situation suggests otherwise. Regardless, it's a nice message.

When news originally broke of Jeff's tumultuous evening, Matt made a head-scratching tweet about his own sobriety.

The Hardy's have always had their quirks, but now that Matt is officially “Woken” some of his messages would be incoherent to WWE outsiders. So for anyone needing translation, Matt is saying he doesn't drink or do drug anymore. But even with our pro wrestling prowess, the “7Deitites” makes for an ambiguous timeline.

TMZ reports that Hardy’s breathalyzer test at the scene revealed his BAC was .25, or more than three times the legal limit.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. we have some of Officer Kelemecz’s police report:


"Driver of Vehicle #1 ran off the roadway to the right, in turn striking about 105 feet of guardrail before the back end of the car spun out 90 degrees to the left, coming to rest in the middle of the right N bound lane of travel. The driver was arrested and charged with DWI,” he wrote.

We do know that Hardy did $8,000 in damages to his Cadillac CTS-V and rack up an additional $5,000 for damaging nearly 105 feet of guardrail. Hardy’s North Carolina license has already been suspended and has a court date set for April 16.