Jeff Hardy's WrestleMania Hopes Still Alive

For those waiting for a hopeful update on Jeff Hardy, we have good news.

The Wrestling Observer reports that Jeff has already begun in-ring training for his return. There’s still no official word on when he’ll be back but there’s growing sentiment that he’ll be back in time for WrestleMania 34.

Surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff has kept Hardy sidelined since October. However, prescribed timings for return was between 6-9 months. Well, April would get Hardy 7 months of recovery time.

All signs point to him joining his brother, Woken Matt Hardy in the tag team ranks. Like his eccentric brother, Jeff also has an alter ego that resides in the Woken Universe: Brother Nero. Given that Hardy and WWE have the rights to all of the Woken intellectual property, we can safely assume that Jeff will align with bizarre, yet popular brother.

He may be walking into a fruitful gig, too. Matt has fought vehemently to build momentum for his Woken character and WWE rewarded him with an Elimination Chamber victory over Bray Wyatt. For the near future, expect Matt and Bray to keep their odd rivalry alive, but when Jeff comes back, WWE will have to pivot.

Hardy did recently appear with brother Matt during the RAW 25-anniversary show back in January, but other than that we haven't seen him. Hardy has made no secret about how frustrated he has been to have been sidelined for the last several months.


“It’s depressing,” Hardy told “More than any time in a career, it’s those times that make you go, ‘Wow, I love professional wrestling.’ It sucks that I can’t be involved in [a] match or can’t get in there and do what I normally do because I’m injured, but I just have to get over that, stop worrying about it and look forward and push myself to get repaired and healed and come back better than ever with a brand-new shoulder."

Expect Hardy and his new character to make a return at some point in March.