Did Dana White Just Guarantee Brock Lesnar's Return to UFC?

Brock Lesnar continues to make juicy headlines as UFC President, Dana White, asserted that WWE’s Universal champion will return to the octagon.

In a Tuesday evening interview with SiriusXM NASCAR, White was asked what the odds were of Brock Lesnar making a UFC return. White’s answer will fuel a wildfire of rumors as speculation on Brock Lesnar’s future has reached an all-time high.

Before we start forecasting Lesnar’s departure from WWE, there’s one fact that must be underlined. If Lesnar does declare his UFC intentions, he’ll have to finish serving a year-long suspension linked to a failed drug test dating back to his UFC 200 win over Mark Hunt. Lesnar still has about 6 months left on that sentence, which should put a piano on the back of anyone running away with half-baked theories.

However, Lesnar returning to UFC is only half of the story.

It’s been established that Lesnar’s contract with WWE is up after WrestleMania, but there is also a belief that WWE can hold him through August if they chose. This contract limbo has been the foundation for the biggest storyline in WWE.

Lesnar is set to defend his Universal Championship at WrestleMania 34 on April 8th against Roman Reigns. But when Lesnar no-showed his heavily advertised appearance for this past Monday’s edition of RAW, a storm official started to brew.

Some think Lesnar’s absence was a negotiating tactic Lesnar is using to gain leverage on WWE. Others think that WWE made a late change in order to tell a more compelling tale. Then some believe that Vince McMahon and Dana White are playing together as puppet masters in order to maximize profits for both WWE and UFC.

But this is the perfect time to point out this that is professional wrestling. It is in everyone’s best interest, inducing UFC, to make all of this look as real as possible — and so far, things look real. It genuinely sounds like Lesnar will fight again in UFC. But he’s not going to hijack the Universal Championship. He’s not going to skip WWE’s biggest event. He isn't going anywhere anytime soon.


His opting out of RAW served to purposes: 1. To get us talking (check) 2. To make Roman Reigns look good (check).

So far everything is going to plan and things should only get more dramatic as WrestleMania approaches.