Roman Reigns Steroid Allegations May Lead to 15 Other WWE Superstars Being Exposed

The crusade launched against Roman Reigns by filmmaker Jon Bravo and his source, Richard Rodriguez, continues to gain momentum and now over a dozen past and present, WWE Superstar could be implicated.

Pro Wrestling Utld caught a comment of Bravo’s that may have since been deleted. However, if true, Bravo’s quote could have a drastic effect on WWE.

However, it’s Reigns who has the most evince working against him. And in an answer to Wrestling Inc. Bravo asserted as much.

"Yes, on every individual that Richard has named I do my due diligence to carefully go thru every piece of evidence as well as verify contact information etc.," Bravo replied (sic). "The Reigns case is unique because of the way orders were placed and delivered. The reason why I have done each client individually was that all 3 have came out and said they did not know of WFN nor Richard Rodriguez. I am giving detailed information for each person to show that the evidence I have is legitimate and they did indeed place orders with WFN. Once this evidence is shown I will not have to show this level of evidence on each individual. Besides WWE and former WWF stars there are UFC, NBA and NFL players as well. It's a really big case and I am coming up with a plan besides the film to provide that information for everyone. The film itself is not a film meant to expose people but portray a message and the big names help deliver that message to the public. Hope that helps. Thanks!"

Bravo aided by Rodgriguez's testimony has made a series of videos documenting the latter's $10 million criminal operations. Rodriguez expressed his desire to clear his name and oust those who denied affiliation to him and his business. And according to Rodriguez, Roman Reigns, along with actors Mark Wahlberg and Josh Duhamel was one of his more famous customers.

According to Rodriguez, his motives for revealing Reigns date back to his indictment. Rodriguez never went to trial, instead, he took a plea deal and in the process, he allegedly was made aware that Reigns cooperated with authorities.


We must underline that these are just allegations from Rodriguez. Reigns has not been connected to Rodriguez's Miami based gym or the DEA's investigation. Right now, this is nothing more than an imprisoned man's, rather specific, incantations.

This is a situation worthing keeping an eye on. Some have theorized that WWE fears the worst and are crafting a contingency plan for WrestleMania if Reigns (or Lesnar) must be suspended. However, from our perspective, we can only guess as to how serious this actually is. But if Reigns is to lose this Sunday at Elimination Chamber, an abandonment of rumored plans, then something will most certainly be up.