Filmmaker Implies Roman Reigns' 2016 Suspension was Steroid Related, Names Another WWE Superstar

Not long ago, the steroid allegations made against Roman Reigns were easily dismissed. However, things have gained alarming momentum.

WWE fans will remember Reigns was suspended back in the summer of 2016 for allegedly testing positive for Adderall. But filmmaker Jon Bravo says that’s not the case.

Bravo, alongside jailed steroid dealer, Richard Rodriguez, has published a series of videos asserting Roman Reigns was a customer of Rodriguez’s. Reigns denied the allegations, but Bravo and Rodriguez have persisted. And now they’re threatening to expose Reigns.

And maybe Brock Lesnar.

Bravo made an Instagram claiming that Reigns 2016 failed drug test was due to products he bought from Rodriguez. This doesn’t necessarily mean Reigns scored performance-enhancing drugs from Rodriguez, rather would establish that not only Reigns knows Rodriguez, but actually did business with him.

Among the swarm of hashtags used by Bravo, one of which was Brock Lesnar. The Beast Incarnate is no stranger to failed drug tests, but this is the first time Bravo has mentioned his name. For now, consider Lesnar's affiliation to this story to be loose.

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"My platform is not a platform based upon rumors. Everything released or stated is based upon 100% facts that have thoroughly investigated and verified by the appropriate sources. The evidence I have received including the Laptop used by WFN was released in a court proceeding and is 110% genuine. If there are any questions about the legitimacy of those items please contact my attorney or the attorney of Richard Rodriguez with any additional questions. Lastly I would not risk my career or reputation on anything that was not based upon 100% facts. More details to follow," wrote Bravo.

According to Rodriguez, his motives for revealing Reigns date back to his indictment. Rodriguez never went to trial, instead, he took a plea deal and in the process, he allegedly was made aware that Reigns cooperated with authorities.

We must underline that these are just allegations from Rodriguez. Reigns has not been connected to Rodriguez's Miami based gym or the DEA's investigation. Right now, this is nothing more than an imprisoned man's, rather specific, incantations.


This is a situation worthing keeping an eye on. Some have theorized that WWE fears the worst and are crafting a contingency plan for WrestleMania if Reigns (or Lesnar) must be suspended. However, from our perspective, we can only guess as to how serious this actually is. But if Reigns is to lose this Sunday at Elimination Chamber, an abandonment of rumored plans, then something will most certainly be up.

Photo: Jon Bravo/Instagram