Elimination Chamber Ticket Sales Continue to Slump?

Elimination Chamber is just days away, and apparently, WWE is having a hard time generating excitement.

Despite not one, but two history-making Chamber matches, each with heavy WrestleMania implication, and Ronda Rousey’s official contract signing, Las Vegas’ T Mobile Arena had to create special offers to coax fans into coming to the event.

But their promotion wasn't for a measly 10% or even a 50% off. Instead, T Mobile Arena is offering a buy one, get one to any prospective buyers.

Elimination Chamber

This comes on the heels of WWE reportedly using Ronda Rousey to boost ticket sales. Originally she was not scheduled for the show, but According to NoDQ, WWE had only moved 8,000 tickets for a venue that holds 18,000 people.

We have no idea to as to how effective Rousey addition has been to sales, but it’s not a great song that the area is literally giving tickets away.


Apathy has been a motif of the week as the latest episode of SmackDown drew an alarmingly thin crowd. And that comes on top of a report that asserted WWE’s developmental brand, NXT is having a tough time moving tickets.

Is this merely circumstantial or is something larger at play? It’s impossible for us to know from our current vantage point, but is likely easy for WWE to shrug off. However, if for some reason the WrestleMania 34 can’t fill up the Superdome, then it may be time to be concerned.