WWE Reportedly Taking on Travis Scott Over 'Cactus Jack' Trademark

WWE is reportedly preparing to square off against rapper Travis Scott in a trademark dispute.

Scott, best known for his songs "Goosebumps" and "Antidote," uses the nickname "Cactus Jack" in various aspects of his career. Most notably, he recently started record label Cactus Jack Records. He's already signed an artist, Smokepurpp, to the label, and it helped release Scott's collaborative mixtape with Quavo, Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho.

However, "Cactus Jack" is best known as one of the wrestling pseudonyms of WWE legend Mick Foley, giving WWE a claim to the Cactus Jack name. This is leading to a clash between the two parties.

Scott is said to be trademarking "Cactus Jack" for his music business purposes. However, Wrestling News reports that WWE is attempting to stop the trademark filing.

Foley had been wrestling as Cactus Jack since early in his career, so this may seem like an obvious win for WWE. However, the company apparently let their Cactus Jack trademark expire in 2010. This leaves the name vulnerable to a new filing from Scott.

It's worth noting that Scott has already put serious time pushing Cactus Jack Records as of late, and a record label is quite a different venture than wrestling. Those two factors may give Scott the upper hand in the filing.

Neither Scott, WWE nor Foley have commented on the dispute.

Scott's fans have been chiming in about the dispute on Twitter and are divided about if the rapper/boyfriend of Kylie Jenner should win the legal sparring match.

"The WWE wanting to stop Travis Scott from trademarking 'Cactus Jack' because of Mick Foley is the dumbest thing I've read today," one fan wrote. "I swear, the man Mick Foley is out the game, too. WWE take a hike."

Another fan said, "I fβ€”s with Travis Scott, but Cactus Jack has and always will be Mick Foley."

See more fan reactions to the dispute below.