'Manifest' Star Curtiss Cook Teases New Mystery-Filled NBC Drama


'Manifest' Star Curtiss Cook Teases New Mystery-Filled NBC Drama

WWE Fans Defend Sasha Banks in Wake of Paige's Forced Retirement

Paige's forced retirement on Friday sent the WWE Universe into a collective funk Friday. And while most fans were heartbroken, there was a pack of them who thought it was proper to point out Sasha Banks as the liable party for Paige's abrupt exit from wrestling.

However, their attempt at shame was met with hostility.

In the final days of December, Banks delivered a kick to Paige that, in retrospect, started a series of events that did lead to WWE ending Paige's career. Some folks thought that Banks' offense was sloppy, if not overly aggressive and were quick to point out that The Boss was to thank for Paige's career-ending injury. Here's the footage:

The finger-pointing galvanized wrestling Twitter and thousands of fans took the stand to defend Banks.

This has become a polarizing topic amongst the WWE Universe and looks like a conversation that will stick around a few days. WWE has yet to comment on Paige's status, but their announcement is expected sooner rather than alters.