Kevin Owens and Randy Orton Engage in Twitter Feud

Despite being sent home from WWE's recent tour of Europe, Kevin Owens has managed to make some headlines on his own.

It started out this weekend when Owens made a surprise appearance at a couple's wedding, a very cool moment to be sure. The couple shared a picture of Owens meeting them during their wedding day on Twitter, and Owens responded in a classy way.

Enter Randy Orton. Orton felt the need to get in a shot on Owens and his weight when commenting on the incident. You can view the exchanges below.

Orton's comment about Owens not being in Europe is in reference to Owens and Sami Zayn being sent home from the tour due to an incident that happened on this past week's SmackDown.

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Following Zayn's match with Kofi Kingston, there was supposed to be an interaction where Owens and Zayn attempted to attack the New Day in the ring but would be fought off by the team. Rather than going through with that, Zayn and Owens simply left the ringside area. Some believe it was merely a miscommunication while others believe it was a deliberate protest from Zayn and Owens, who have yet to be booked in a match for Survivor Series.

Either way, WWE officials were said to be furious and sent the pair home to prove a point.

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Pro Wrestling Sheet issued a report indicating that Owens and Zayn have been difficult to work with lately and seem to be unhappy backstage. To further fuel the fire, it's been noted that Owens and Zayn are said to be close friends with the recently departed Neville and former writer Jimmy Jacobs. From here, you are free to make your own conclusions.

Either way, both Zayn and Owens are booked for week's SmackDown television and are likely to be given some kind of role for Survivor Series.