Big Cass Explains Why So Many People Hate Enzo Amore

For Enzo Amore, being polarizing is a way of life. However, a plethora of stories have surfaced this year that indicate Enzo's colorful squawking is an act that never ends. In short, Enzo Amore has no trouble rubbing people the wrong way.

In an interview with Ringside Collectibles, Enzo's former tag team partner, Big Cass was asked to explore the near customary hate for the Cruiserweight Champion.

"Because he’s Enzo,” Cass replied. “I mean, you’d have to ask a lot of people their opinions on that, but I’ll just say it’s because he’s Enzo. That’s why"

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It may not be a dissertation, but Cass' answer says a lot. Enzo is unconditionally himself. While this may be one of his strengths, socially or at least in WWE's locker room, it may be something that harms him.

On the episode of RAW Talk after September's No Mercy event, John Cena addressed the enigma that is Enzo Amore.

"I'm as WWE as it comes," Cena said. "A lot of the guys here - this is no knock on anybody - but a lot of guys here... the guy you had on before (Enzo)... no knock, but it's just his personality, he's very Enzo first. Because I've been able to be fortunate to have such a long presence here, I'm WWE first."

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This is certainly the most polite insult Amore has taken in 2017. Despite his nice wording, John Cena's assessment of Enzo Amore shares the same sentiment of everyone else: Enzo is a little selfish. Not that he won't let anyone use his phone charger or that he eats all of the desserts in catering, but more so that Enzo is so self-absorbed, so preoccupied with his own image that he isn't able to acknowledge others around him or that he is a representative of WWE.

This fits the narrative that has been spun against Ezno. This severe lack of self-awareness has gotten Enzo removed from WWE uses and kicked out of WWE locker rooms.
However, it is likely that most of the anti-Enzo narrative a little overblown. Now that he's fully a heel, it's n his and WWE's best interest to let public opinion go sour. Love him or hate him, Enzo Amore is a valuable part of WWE.