WWE Seamstress Asks for 'Dead Matt Hardy' and Gets the Wrath of Reby Hardy Instead

Twitter comes with many guidelines but very few rules. One of those rules should be "Thou Shalt Not Test Reby Hardy."

Julie Youngberg, a seamstress in WWE for several years, went out of her way to make a snide remark about Reby's husband, Matt Hardy. In the tweet that started it all, Youngberg made her own suggestion as to who should be the 5th members of Team Miz at this Sunday's TLC pay-per-view.

To which Reby responded:

Not one to lay down, Julie pointed out that because she does indeed work for WWE, she implied that Reby can remove from any arena.

Youngberg would make an attempt to walk away from the conversation she started, but Reby wasn't having it.

Reby and Julie have a bit of a history as Julie used to be married to Shannon Moore and independent wrestler. Apparently, Moore was a friend of the Hardy's and after Youngberg and Moore split, things may have gotten adversarial between the WWE seamstress and the Hardy's.

Julie would go on to tweet that she has only positive feelings towards Jeff Hardy but, clearly, she doesn't feel that way about Reby and Matt. Regardless, this is about as entertaining as a Twitter beef can get, so thanks for the fireworks, girls (but mostly Reby)!

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