Garth Brooks Calls Ricky Skaggs' Country Music Hall of Fame Induction 'Long Overdue'


Garth Brooks Calls Ricky Skaggs' Country Music Hall of Fame Induction 'Long Overdue'

Ric Flair's Fiancé Responds to His Astronomical Amount of Sexual Partners

Ric flair 10,000
(Photo: WWE)

The sexual history between two partners can be a touchy subject. Most couples prefer to remain blissfully unaware of who, what, or how many dancing partners their significant other has had. But what happens when your bae takes their number public? What happens if their "number" is 10,000?

Yesterday, word came out that Ric Flair claimed to have slept with 10,000 women, give or take. Today Ric Flair's fiancè, Wendy Barlow, posted her response to the jaw-dropping statistic.

10,000 is a number that would make some porn stars flinch, but not Wendy Barlow. She stands firmly behind the Nature Boy and his conquest of the opposite sex. Maybe Flair overestimated by 9,000? Even if that were the case, that'd still be more than mot minds could ever imagine on their thirstiest of days. Maybe, Wendy Barlow is a saint. Maybe she's been with 15,000. Who knows? One thing is for sure, Wendy Barlow seems pretty cool.

We've come to expect nothing less from Flair's fiance as she was devoutly by his side during his August long health scare. In a time where media outlets had trouble getting straight information, she was the only source of reliable updates. Consider us here at Pop Culture #TeamWendy.

Flair's astronomical amount fo sex partners wasn't the only earth-shattering number that came out this week. Ric Flair recently appeared on the Dan Le Batard Show and opened up about his alcohol abuse.

"I just drank too much," Flair admitted.

But what exactly did that look like?

“I guess it would be like, if you’re ready for this, because I’ve done all the math and figured it out, between 3,700 and 4,000 calories worth of booze, soda, a splash of cranberry in my body every day. Like 20 drinks a day," said Flair.

20 drinks a day is enough to kill a horse, nay, a stable of horses. But for the Nature Boy, it was business as usual. Flair was adamant, though, in saying that he never once drank on the job. Even further the 16-time World Champion is making the choice to never drink again.

On August 11, Flair checked himself into an Atlanta hospital due to stomach pains. the precautionary visit escalated quickly to near kidney failure and a heightened chance of congestive heart failure. Flair was placed in a medically induced coma and doctors informed his family that the Nature Boy only had a 20% chance of surviving the ordeal.

Flair still cannot walk without assistance and needs a nurse for many of his daily activities. There's still no official timeline as to when the 68-year old can return to normal life, if ever. Regardless, we're lucky to still have him strutting amongst us. Here's to a speedy recovery to the Nature Boy!