Chris Jericho Says Bobby Heenan May Be the Greatest Performer of All Time

The death of Bobby "The Brain" Heenan brought sorrow to every corner of the wrestling world. Yet, if there is a silver lining, it's that the internet has flooded with priceless footage of Heenan doing what he does best. Whether he was commentating, wrestling, or managing, Bobby Heenan was near obligatory consumption.

For Chris Jericho, the many talents of Heenan make him the greatest WWE employee of all time. Y2J joined the Q Radio Show and succeed the impact Heenan made in the world of wrestling.

"There's a case to be made that Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan is the best all-around performer in wrestling history," Jericho said. "From a commentating standpoint, the best. From a managing standpoint, the best. From a promo standpoint, the best. From a wrestling standpoint, he could work better than 90 percent of the guys. If you watch some of the bumps he would take when he would get hit, he took these tremendous flippy floppy bumps because he started as a wrestler," illustrated Jericho.

Bobby heenan Bump

Y2J explained that Bobby left a mark on him in his early days in WCW.

"He commentated my matches for three years in WCW. I wasn't the best, sometimes his commentary was better than my matches, but he always said something funny or interesting," Jericho said.

However, once Jericho flipped to Heenan's world as a heel, his character was positively impacted by Heenan's brilliance.

"And then when I turned heel and started finding my way, he always subtly supported that as the heel commentator should, whereas the other guys were burying and burying me just trying to get themselves over. Bobby was a true professional, and like I said, there is a debate that he could be the best all-around [performer] of all-time."

Given the versatility of The Brain, Jericho's case for him being WWE's best is quite valid. Heenan's ability to communicate was effortless whether it was in the ring on a microphone.

Conventionally speaking, a guy who can wrestle and talk usually winds up n the Hall of Fame. Considering Heenan was legendary at both, Chris Jericho may be very right.



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