Gabby Petito Disappearance Shines Light on Other Missing Women Including Desheena Kyle, Lauren Cho

The mysterious disappearance of 22-year-old Gabby Petito captured the nation over recent weeks. News stations, locally and nationally, dedication round the clock coverage to help bring awareness and hopefully a good resolution to the travel blogger's situation. Petito went missing while on a cross-country trip with her fiance Brian Laundrie. Laundrie returned to their home state of Florida without Peitio, ensuing the media frenzy. After weeks of searching, Petito's body was found not too far from the last known location that she was spotted with Laundrie. Laundrie has since gone missing himself after not cooperating with authorities, setting off a worldwide search.

Now, families across the U.S. are seeking the time type of care and attention Petito's story was granted. NBC News reports that loved ones of 30-year-old Lauren Cho, who went missing in June from California's Joshua Tree National Park, are demanding that more be done to help find her.

"Where is my sister?!" Cho's posted on Facebook in recent weeks, per the report. Since July, Cho's family has run a social media page called "Missing Person: Lauren 'El' Cho" to raise awareness as they wait for updates from authorities, which is few, far, and between. "Someone knows what happened," the post continued. 

The New Jersey resident was last seen on June 28 around 5 p.m. She left her Airbnb in Yucca Valley, California. At the time, she was traveling with her friends and ex-boyfriend, who told police Cho walked away from the rental and into the desert with no food, water, or cellphone. 

An aerial search was not conducted until almost a month later. The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department told the media outlet that the search for Cho has never stopped, instead, they claim police "exhausted their investigation."

Many believe it's due to Cho being Asian American and not Caucasian that her case has not been given significant attention. "If Missing White Woman Syndrome isn't real, then can you guys please prove the complainers wrong and make some noise for this Korean American woman? Lauren Cho has been missing for MONTHS," one person tweeted, per NBC.

Loved ones of Deesheena Kyle are also seeking answers. The 26-year-old was first reported missing by her grandmother on June 28. Local residents and police began searching for her. Her body was recovered on Tuesday, Sept. 28. Her boyfriend, John Bassett, who was accused of domestic violence against her previously, is a person of interest. But no one has been charged with her death. Kyle's body was found at an abandoned home owned by one of Bassett's relatives.


In a 2014 domestic violence incident, Kyle accused Bassett of striking her car window with a rock until the glass broke. He then reportedly then threw the rock into her car, took her phone from her, and smashed it on the ground. Kyle told police Bassett fled the scenee. One officer who took a report of the incident noted that Kyle had abrasions on her leg. The officer noted that he believed the abrasions came from Kyle standing up to get out of the car with broken glass in her lap, per The Insider. A judge later dismissed the domestic assault charge against Bassett. Bassett is currently in jail on an unrelated probation violation. Many also believe Kyle's case got minimal attention due to her being a Black woman, unlike Petito.