Zoe Kravitz's 'The Batman' Co-Star Crashes 'SNL' Sketch

Zoë Kravitz appeared on Saturday Night Live to promote The Batman this weekend, and she was not alone. In one pre-recorded sketch with the "Please Don't Destroy" crew, Kravitz bumped into her The Batman co-star Paul Dano. The brief appearance had fans in stitches.

This weekend's digital short once again took place in the office of Ben Marshall, John Higgins and Martin Herlihy – the young comedians that make up the sketch comedy group Please Don't Destroy. It started with the three of them holding a small cat and planning to give it to Kravitz as a gift since she plays Catwoman in the new Batman movie. Just as Kravitz enters the office, the three lose track of the cat and begin to panic that she'll get out of the office and endanger herself in New York City.

The sketch escalates as Kravitz and the three comedians tear the office apart looking for the cat. They find increasingly absurd things along the way, including a dog in a desk drawer. When Herlihy peeks under the couch for the cat, he finds "just some crumbs, a coin and a man." With that, Dano pops his head out.

"Hey guys!" he says brightly. He explains: "I've been living down there, I'm researching another movie I'm doing. It's about three guys who suck!" Dano then jumps into action helping Kravitz and the writers look for the cat. As Kravitz eventually leaves with her new pet, Dano ducks back under the couch despite the writers' complaints.

The digital sketches by Please Don't Destroy have become increasingly popular in Saturday Night Live's new season. They made headlines with their musical sketch "Three Sad Virgins" back in November, which featured musical guest Taylor Swift and prominent cast member Pete Davidson. Technically the three are listed as writers on the show, and only appear in pre-recorded sketches most of the time.

According to a report by Slash Film, the three young comedians were introduced to SNL through their parents. Herlihy's father Tim Herlihy was previously the head writer and producer on SNL, while Higgins' father, Steve Higgins, was the announcer and producer of the show.

Kravitz, of course, was on the show this week to promote The Batman – though the movie doesn't seem to need much help. After just over one week in theaters, the movie has already made back about double its production budget – an especially impressive feat for a theatrical-exclusive movie amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Critics have lauded Kravitz for her portrayal of Selina Kyle/Catwoman in the movie, and many have showered praise on Dano for playing The Riddler. The Batman is in theaters now. Kravitz's episode of SNL is streaming in full via Hulu and Peacock, which individual segments available on YouTube.