'Yellowstone' Star Josh Holloway Rings in New Year's Day With a Cake-Filled Breakfast


The new year officially began on Friday, prompting celebrations around the world. People opted to mark the occasion in several different ways, but Yellowstone antagonist Josh Holloway enjoyed a breakfast of champions. He kicked back in his Paramount sweatshirt and ate some cake.

Holloway posted a photo that showed him sitting outdoors and enjoying the morning weather. He had a huge grin on his face as he held a plate of cake. "cake for breakfast coz it's 2021 [peace out emoji] [happy New Year] [onward]" Holloway wrote in the caption of his photo. Many fans responded and wished him a happy new year while a few said that he looks "younger than ever."

Holloway does not regularly post on social media, but the fans express excitement when he does. The cake post was no exception, considering the number of comments. Fans of Lost, Yellowstone and Colony made their voices heard while celebrating Holloway's latest post.

The prolific actor joined Yellowstone during Season 3 and played a hedge fund manager named Roarke Morris. Not much was known about his character early in the season other than that he liked to fish and that he butted heads with Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly). However, Morris quickly became a prominent character as the season progressed, quickly becoming a thorn in the side of John Dutton (Kevin Costner).

Prior to making his mark on TV screens each week, Holloway sat down with USA Today and revealed that joining Yellowstone had long been a goal of his. "I would sit down and watch Yellowstone with my wife and I'd be like, 'One day, I'll get a show like this, Babe. And I still can't believe I'm on the show," he said.

Despite his excitement about the new gig, Holloway had one slight issue with the casting. He wanted to be a cowboy but did land this type of role. Instead, he had to put on a suit worth thousands of dollars and drive a luxury vehicle. Although his love of the outdoors still played a role in the character.

"When I got the call, I was so excited that I was finally going to get to be a cowboy, because in 18 years of acting, no one has cast me as the cowboy, for God's sake," Holloway explained. "I was like, finally. Thank you, Taylor [Sheridan]. And nope. He cast me as a Wall Street guy. I was like, 'Taylor? Really?' He thought that was the funniest thing."


Despite having his reservations about playing a "Wall Street" guy, Holloway made an impact on Season 3. He will continue to do so when Season 4 lands on the Paramount Network. Many fans believe that he had something to do with the "explosive ending" to Season 3 — although whether he was involved remains to be seen. For now, he will enjoy his breakfast of champions.