'Yellowstone': Why Fans Think Dead Character Could Be Returning

Paramount Network's Yellowstone is currently in the midst of filming Season 4 in Montana, and [...]

Paramount Network's Yellowstone is currently in the midst of filming Season 4 in Montana, and recent social media activity may be providing viewers with a major clue as to what they can expect. While the Season 3 finale left the fates of a number of characters hanging in limbo, fans now believe that one character who hasn't been seen since Season 1 may be making a return.

Speculation of the return sparked back in late October when Dave Annable took to Instagram to tease his latest project. Annable had portrayed Lee Dutton, the oldest son of John Dutton and his wife Evelyn Dutton, throughout the first season of the beloved series, though his character had met a tragic end. The actor's Oct. 29-dated post, however, seemed to suggest that he could be headed back to the Dutton family ranch. In the post, Annable received what appeared to be a coronavirus test and indicated in the caption that he was "back to work baby!!" While he did not say what the project was, he hinted that "it's cold" where he is filming and "the beard is staying."

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Much of Yellowstone films in Missoula, Montana, which gets its fair share of cold weather, especially around this time of year. Annable's onscreen counterpart also sported a beard near identical to the one the actor said he would be keeping in his post. These facts didn't go unnoticed by fans, with many suspecting that the project at hand was Yellowstone.

Responding, one person suggested that it was "time to subscribe to Paramount" in anticipating of Annable's potential return to the series. Another wrote, "please please please come back from the dead!!!! We miss Lee!!!!!!" Another chimed in with, "Yellowstone S4 - Lee survived, twist!"

For his part, Annable did not comment on the speculation, and it is unclear how he would be involved in the upcoming season. His onscreen counterpart died back in Season 1 amid a rush to take back cattle stolen by Broken Rock Indians. John Dutton called off the operation after Lee's brother, Kayce, was spotted in the mix, though before he was able to retreat, Lee was hit by a bullet coming from the gun of Robert Long. Many fans suggested that Annable's Lee could return in a flashback, which isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility given that a number of character's could be on the brink of death heading into Season 4 following what appeared to be coordinated assassination attempts in the Season 3 finale.

Fans will ultimately have to wait to find out if Lee Dutton returns. Season 4 does not yet have a premiere date, though it is currently filming. In the meantime, the first three seasons of Yellowstone are available for streaming on Peacock.