'Yellowstone': Denim Richards Recaps 'Love Story' With Teeter Following Intense Season 3 (Exclusive)

Yellowstone's third season on the Paramount Network drew attention due to intense storylines [...]

Yellowstone's third season on the Paramount Network drew attention due to intense storylines featuring the Dutton family, as well as a very explosive finale. The show also introduced a new member of the Bunkhouse in Teeter (Jen Landon). This pink-haired ranch hand punched and flirted her way to prominence, and her co-stars are very excited about her future on the series.

Speaking exclusively with PopCulture.com, actor Denim Richards — the man behind Colby — looked back on Season 3 and the first appearance of Teeter. The Yellowstone cast actually knew about Landon's character at the end of Season 2, but they did not exactly understand her wildness. It was only when Richards saw Landon's audition tape that he got his first glimpse of what would become a very important person, especially considering how much time his character spends with her.

"I had a really good idea before going in. I mean, [writer] Taylor [Sheridan] really was like super, super excited about this character Teeter that was getting to come to the Yellowstone [Ranch]," Richards told PopCulture. "So I remember when I had the opportunity to see her audition tape, I was like, 'I mean, she seems super cool, lot of energy, but like, aren't we supposed to understand what she says?' And then he was like, 'No, that's part of the whole thing.' ... he was like, 'but she's gonna come on and she's gonna mess with you and it's gonna be really, really fun.'"

Richards says that he heard the ideas and thought that it would be fun to work with this character. He was also prepared for the flirting and the inappropriate comments, but Landon took the dialogue to another level. She just continued pushing the envelope while working with Richards, which he explained was "really fun and exciting." He also clarified on an episode of Stories From the Bunkhouse that he always felt safe around Landon even when she asked to "lick his face."

Early in the season, Teeter primarily flirted with Colby and made comments about how he needed to cuddle with her or ride on her lap during long drives. These moments elicited laughter from the audience, but they also set the stage for some dramatic shifts to more violent scenes. This included a fight with a biker gang and an attack from villains on horses.

"That's kind of Teeter, right. It's kind of just like one side of the pendulum," Richards continued. "And then we go to the other side and before you know it you're like, I was just still adjusting to whatever you had just said and now, all of a sudden you're like, here we are in this fight. And so much of that, it's the same way where it's like, you're just going in, you're working the fence, doing what your job is supposed to be. And then all of a sudden you're skinny dipping in the river and you're like, 'How did we get here?'"

While the skinny dipping ended with Colby stapling Teeter's face closed, it did set the stage for an unexpected moment. The two characters shared a tender kiss, which surprised some viewers. Colby had spent the entire season fighting off the flirtatious comments, but he gave into the moment. Is this a glimpse of future romance? Richards is not ready to say so just yet.

As he explained, the kiss wasn't sexual; it was more protective in nature. Although he did acknowledge that it was still "sweet and caring." He does not know if the kiss will lead to a bunkhouse romance, but he is excited to find out once Season 4 begins.

"I think it's gonna be really interesting for us to explore what that looks like, especially because the bunkhouse is so crazy all the time," Richards said. "Who knows, somebody else can come into the bunkhouse and then boom, she jumps ship. I mean, we see that these things happen and Colby has had multiple seasons to not get too attached to people. So, I think it's better for him to not do that."

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