'Yellowstone' Fan Theory Explains 'Mystery Man' in Beth's Office

Yellowstone Season 4 is on the way, and fans are desperate to see what happens to the Dutton family next, especially after Season 3's cliffhangers. Over on Reddit, Yellowstone diehards have been piecing together the answers to all the show's mysteries. That includes the identity of the mystery man spotted in the office of Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly). One Reddit user closely compared the sleeve of the man to other characters' outfits, and they might have found an answer.

"Okay, in one of the commercials there was a very brief clip with the shot of a man's right arm, weathered hand shaking, wearing a thin-striped blue and white long sleeved shirt, holding a cigarette with brick strewn about the ground near him. I've been keeping my eyes open for characters wearing the same shirt," the person wrote, going on to add. "After Lloyd and Walker frisbee Wade and son's carcasses into the train station and they're in the truck talking — hold on to your hats kiddies — Lloyd has the EXACT SAME SHIRT on! Same size stripes, same shade of blue. He also had on a copper link bracelet. So, now I have to find that commercial/clip to see if I can spot the bracelet. If it is Lloyd, what is he doing in town at the time of the explosion and what is he doing with a cigarette? He has a tin of tobacco in his shirt pocket in some scenes, though we've never seen him chew or spit, and we've never seen him smoking.

"Also, if the bomb in Beth's office and the attack on the ranch happen at the same time, again, why is Lloyd in town. (But, remember, the bomb in Beth's office was motion-activated by lifting the inner box out of the outer box, probably releasing the trigger switch. There's no way whoever planted the box would know who would actually open it or when it would happen. So it can't be counted as being simultaneous with the attacks on John, Kayce or the ranch.)"


Could it actually be Dutton Ranch mainstay Lloyd Pierce (who is played by Forrie J. Smith)? The Reddit user also notes there was another possible option, Chief Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham). However, despite owning a matching shirt, they doubt the mystery man's build is the same as Rainwater's. But really, there's no telling who it is until we see the full context. Presumably, we'll learn about it on Nov. 7, the date Yellowstone Season 4 premieres on Paramount Network.