'Will Trent' Character Dies in Explosion During Season 2 Premiere

The final minutes of the Season 2 premiere saw one character getting a surprising death.

Spoilers ahead for Will Trent Season 2, Episode 1 ("Me Llamo Will Trent")

Will Trent is finally back for Season 2, kicking off in an explosive way and one character didn't survive to the end. In the premiere episode, "Me Llamo Will Trent," Ramón Rodríguez's Will and bomb expert Cricket Dawson, portrayed by This Is Us' Susan Kelechi Watson, investigate a car bomb. While the two were a force to be reckoned with working together and it seemed like their relationship might be well on the way to becoming something more, the end of the episode had a very different idea.

In the final minutes, Agent Dawson took the bomb and ran into a nearby office so it doesn't take down GBI headquarters when it went off. While she saved many people, she wasn't able to save herself. The bomb went off and she went along with it, with Will standing by and watching it all go down as he lost a friend and fellow agent.

Watson spoke to TVLine about Cricket's unfortunate end, and what made her want to go through with sacrificing herself. Naturally, it's all part of the job. "I remember being there and filming that moment, and getting quite specific about what we wanted that ending to feel like — what her motivation was, knowing that she was likely going to die as she ran to contain the bomb, and what that must feel like for her," Watson explained. "I likened it to being a firefighter or a police officer. It's a job where, worst case scenario, your life is at stake, and that was the way I had to approach it. There is a part of her that has reconciled the fact that worst case scenario means she could lose her life, and that she has chosen to do this."

The second season of Will Trent definitely started in an intense way that is only just the beginning. While it is disappointing that fans already had to say goodbye to Susan Kelechi Watson's Cricket Dawson after just meeting her, it will surely be interesting to see what the aftermath will be like. Though now with Watson no longer on Will Trent, this does make her free once again. Perhaps she can swing by This Is Us co-star Justin Hartley's new series Tracker for a This Is Us reunion?

New episodes of Will Trent air on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC's spring 2024 schedule.