'Will & Grace': David Schwimmer Joins Cast in Season 2 Premiere

Will & Grace introduced a new character played by David Schwimmer during its season premiere, and [...]

Will & Grace introduced a new character played by David Schwimmer during its season premiere, and he may be warming to one of the titular characters.

Thursday's season premiere found Grace (Debra Messing) holding an event in the lobby of her building as she is running for the position of president of the "New York Society of Interior Designers," when a man (Schwimmer) she recognizes arrives with a serious attitude problem.

Grace pulls Will (Eric McCormack) aside and tells him the man is The West Side Curmudgeon, a Twitter celebrity they follow on social media.

"He hates the things we hate and tweets abut it," Will says. Grace takes the opportunity to introduce herself and fangirls over the social media star.

The man introduces himself as Noah, and in between a one-sided flirtatious conversation from Grace, she asks him to put out a good tweet about her campaign on his social networks. He refuses at first, but before he leaves, asks for one of her campaign pamphlets.

Grace believes she made a good connection with Noah, but Will breaks the news that he indeed posted a tweet abut her: he wrote that Grace was running for a campaign that didn't matter and made fun of her pamphlet.

Later in the episode, Grace tracks Noah down multiple times at a New York diner, in an attempt to get him to delete the tweet. He refuses at first and continues to make fun of Grace, complaining about there being no need for people to come and make New York beautiful.

Grace, who also tries to shame Noah for "flirting" with her and then making fun of her online, sees right through him and calls him a coward and a cynic. She also reveals she Googled him and found that he had written a book, and accused him of being scared to write again and not be a success.

Noah makes fun of Grace's NYU Theater degree and dismisses her insults. But Grace realizes that the man must have Googled her as well, and realizes that he was interested in her after all.

Noah agrees to delete the tweet about Grace and invites her to share a rice pudding at the diner, and the beginning of their possible romance begins.

Ahead of his debut on the NBC revival, Schwimmer told TVInsider that his character will have a "reluctant love story" with Grace for a short time, but should the relationship develop, he would be up for sticking around longer than the current planned five episodes.

"I never want to overstay a character's welcome," Schwimmer told the outlet. "But if it feels like there's a good, fun, earned story to tell, then we'll see."

What did you think of Noah Broader? Watch as the relationship grows as Will & Grace airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.