'Will & Grace' Star Promises 'Best Ever Episodes' in New Season

Will & Grace star Sean Hayes is sure that the new episodes from the series are some of the "best" they've ever done.

"I think these are some of the best episodes we've ever had, in comparison to the whole thing," Hayes told The Telegraph while promoting the new season in the U.K., that debuted Dec. 29.

"The show will always comment on what's going on socially, in pop culture, in politics, in sex and religion, and anything that is true to the characters is true to the world," Hayes said. "If you were a fan of the show before, I'm pretty sure you'll be satisfied, even more so, now."

The ninth season of Will & Grace picked up 11 years after the eighth season ended. It started in the U.S. on NBC on Sept. 28 and will be back Thursday, Jan. 4.

In addition to Hayes, Eric McCormack, Debra Messing and Megan Mullally also returned. NBC initially ordered only 10 episodes, but the network was hungry for more and ordered six additional half-hours.

"Time plays tricks with your head, in that, it really felt like we just took two weeks off, but it had been 11 years," Hayes told the Telegraph. "But the wonderful thing is we went through that whole experience together and became a family. We have a shorthand and now we work fast and furious and have a joyful time doing so."

For fans and critics, the new season has been exactly what they hoped for. McCormack even nabbed a Golden Globe nomination, and the show was nominated for Best TV Comedy Series.


In August, before the new season even debuted, Will & Grace was picked up for a tenth season. The new season will run at least 13 episodes.

"Everybody really welcomed us back with open arms," Hayes told the Telegraph. "It was a big sigh of relief that we did a good job and the fans let us know they are loving it again."