Why 'Yellowstone' Actor Cole Hauser's Wife Cynthia Daniel Looks So Familiar

Yellowstone star Cole Hauser's wife likely looks pretty familiar. She's not a visible as her [...]

Yellowstone star Cole Hauser's wife likely looks pretty familiar. She's not a visible as her partner, but she does get her face out there in another way. While Cynthia Hauser (Daniel) considers herself a photographer, her sister spends more time in front of the camera.

Cynthia Hauser is likely ringing a few bells due to her twin sister, Brittany Daniel. If you're unfamiliar, the pair are twins and have appeared in classic ads for Doublemint gum as the Doublemint Twins. But that's far from all Brittany Daniels has achieved in her career.

On television, you've seen her in starring roles on Sweet Valley High, That '80s Show and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. She has also appeared on series like Blackish, Dawson's Creek and others.

But it is her film career that likely rings a few more bells than her TV roles. She appeared alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in The Basketball Diaries, joined the follow-up to Broken Lizard's Super Troopers titled Club Dread, played one of the Vandergeld sisters in White Chicks and portrayed David Spade's love interest in both Joe Dirt films.

Cynthia Daniel's acting career was more abbreviated. She also starred in Sweet Valley High with her sister, then appeared in The Basketball Diaries too. But soon after, she shifted her focus to photography and family. She and Cole Hauser were married in 2006 and have three children together. Two sons named Ryland and Colt, and a daughter named Steely Rose.

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Hauser and his wife always share their romance on social media, praising each other when the opportunity is present. She recently posted a sweet tribute to the Yellowstone star on Father's Day. Hauser also posted a rare photo of their son in honor of his 13th birthday. "Happy 13th bday to my youngest boy! Thank you momma for giving birth to this amazing soul," Hauser wrote along with the photo of Colt and his mother.

Luckily, the star is happy at home given the status of Yellowstone season 4 and the specter of the COVID pandemic mainly in the rearview mirror. Fans are wondering where the new season is and expected it to premiere on Father's Day, much like previous seasons. The premiere didn't happen, though Hauser may have already spoiled some significant details if rumors are to be believed.