'Wheel of Fortune' Fans Are Fuming After Impeachment Proceedings Preempt Broadcast

Wheel of Fortune fans were livid after Impeachment hearings preempted Wednesday's new episode of [...]

Wheel of Fortune fans were livid after Impeachment hearings preempted Wednesday's new episode of the game show, and they were not afraid to let their feelings be known. ABC preempted the new episode to show the House of Representative debates ahead of the historic vote on whether or not to impeach President Donald Trump for his conduct toward Ukraine. As the vote is expected to lead to an impeachment, Trump would be the third president in U.S. history to receive the sanction.

Wheel of Fortune fans took to Twitter when they noticed they'd be missing the show and protested online.

"It's one thing to mess with my wife's morning TV viewing but now you gonna take Wheel of Fortune from her? That's an impeachable offense. Seriously impeach the motherfucker in time for the Final Spin!!!" One user commented.

"Omg just impeach him and let me watch wheel of fortune [eye rolling emoji]," another viewer wrote.

"So that was you on the phone just now complaining why Wheel of Fortune wasn't on..." another user wrote, responding to a complaint the vote might also interrupt the Survivor season finale.

"So just f—k Wheel of Fortune right?" Another fan wrote, complaining about the interruption.

"So I'm not going to see Wheel of Fortune tonight," another user wrote, adding a GIF from The Good Place adding, "I didn't ask for this!"

The episode interruption comes as Wheel of Fortune continues to air the episodes hosted by longtime co-star Vanna White. She temporarily took on Pat Sajak's role as host after he underwent emergency surgery.

White recently gave an update on her longtime co-star's health, saying he is back at work with the episodes set to start airing after New Year's.

"He's feeling great! He is back to work," the 62-year-old TV personality told Closer Weekly last week. "He's already shot 12 shows and we'll be shooting again this Thursday and Friday. So he's back to normal, I'm happy to say!" I

White served as host for three weeks while Sajak was in recovery, and brought her own spin to the job.

"I was just myself. Pat is a very funny guy and I certainly don't have his sense of humor," she said of her time as host. "So I basically just wanted to get through the shows and I wanted the contestants to feel comfortable and just kind of wanted to lead them the right way through the show. So I really have nothing to compare it to. I was just kind of going by the seam of my pants. What you see is what you get!"