What Walton Goggins Told Fans After 'The Unicorn' Was Canceled

In May, it was reported that The Unicorn was canceled. The show, which lasted for two seasons on CBS, starred Walton Goggins as a widower who was re-entering the dating scene. In response to the news of The Unicorn's cancellation, Goggins shared a lengthy message to the show's fans on Instagram.

Goggins posted a few Unicorn-related photos on Instagram, including a couple of behind-the-scenes photos from his time on the set. The Sons of Anarchy alum began his caption by writing that this cancellation news was, of course, not what he wanted for the series, but sometimes these decisions are out of one's hands. He went on to write that the message behind The Unicorn is one that will live on after the show ends, as it revolves around "learning how to live again."

"Our story was about learning how to live again after losing a spouse, a mother… a friend," Goggins wrote. "I wanted to tell this story because I've been thru it… one of our creators went thru it… I've had upwards of ten friends go thru this very thing and given what has transpired in the last year so many around the world find themselves in similar situations." The actor explained that he was able to speak with many of the show's fans about this very topic. Even though The Unicorn's story will come to an end, he wants the fans to know that they're not alone in sharing their stories of life and loss.


"I've talked to so many of you on this thread and out on the road, have listened to your stories and shared my own. More than anything those of us behind this show wanted you to know that you're not alone," Goggins continued. "Had we been given the opportunity to make 13 more I would have wanted to say this. None of us are an island… we do not grieve alone… we need God, or nature or whatever that is for you personally, friends and family yes…but most importantly we need ourselves." He continued his message to the fans by writing that there will be a "new normal on the other side of whatever you're going thru" and that you need to simply "hold on." Goggins ended his caption by issuing his gratitude to the cast and crew for working alongside him on two seasons of the CBS series. Additionally, he thanked CBS for allowing them to "tell this story our way." Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS.