'Walking Dead' Alum Lauren Cohan's New ABC Series 'Whiskey Cavalier' Gets February Premiere

ABC released the first trailer for its upcoming new series, Whiskey Cavalier, starring The Walking Dead alumni, Lauren Cohan.

If possible, it looks like Cohan will be spending even more time with a gun in her hand here than she does on The Walking Dead. She plays a renowned CIA super-spy with the code name, Fierty Tribune. In the course of her work, she finds herself teamed up with a talented yet sensitive FBI agent by the code name of Whiskey Cavalier, and some dramatic adventures ensue.

Cohan is best known for playing Maggie on The Walking Dead. On this new show, she is joined by former cast-mate Tyler James Williams, who played Noah in season 5. In addition, the title character is played by Scott Foley, though the show is clearly billed as an ensemble.

The three-minute trailer for Whiskey Cavalier promises plenty of action, but also quite a few laughs as well. The show is something of an action-comedy — a genre that has been making a strong resurgence recently.

The trailer also provides a basic summary of the pilot episode, which will set up the series going forward. By the looks of it, Whiskey Cavalier and Fiery Tribune will spend it fighting over their mutual target, Edgar Standish (Williams), a "jittery genius" with skills and intelligence that the government needs.

There is little doubt how this friendly competition will end, however. As the trailer ends, All three walk side-by-side down a hallway, joined by two other characters. Whiskey Cavalier straightens his cuff link as he delivers what amounts to the show's thesis statement.

"As of today, we are all officially working together," he says.

"As a team..." Fiery Tribune says. Then, together, they both finish: "...led by me."

The show appears to have struck a healthy balance between comedy and action. In ABC's description of the show, it notes that the new team will be faced with the trials of "friendship, romance and office politics" — hardly the stakes one expects to see highly trained spies facing.

The show is extremely promising for ABC, a network that badly needs a new hit. The channel released its spring 2019 schedule on Wednesday, revealing that Dancing With the Stars is not returning for its usual second round of the year. In addition, Modern Family will come to a close either this year or next.


Hopefully this new series can help fill the void. Whiskey Cavalier premieres on Wednesday, Feb. 27 at 10 p.m. ET.