'The View': Meghan McCain 'Understands' Coronavirus Lockdown Protestors

When the coronavirus first began to make its impact in the states, action was taken across the country to begin shutting down non-essential businesses. Along with it came decisions across the board to cut down as much human interaction as possible, including state parks, beaches, although Jacksonville Beach recently reopened with some restrictions, and encouraging essential businesses to utilize online delivery and pick-up locations.

With America coming to a halt to a large degree, many people are feeling the effects of being in quarantine for over a month in many areas. Despite receiving stimulus checks from the federal government, some across the country have resorted to protesting and abandoning the social distance efforts put in place by President Donald Trump to demand states to reopen for business. This trend found itself take center stage in Pennsylvania on Monday as well as in Michigan and Ohio. The scenes that have unfolded have caused quite a stir on social media and have drawn many reactions from national pundits. Appearing on The View from her home, Meghan McCain took a stance in which she admits she sees where the protesters are coming from in their motivations.

"There are a lot of people in our country who are in pain, who are out of work, who are losing their homes and I think when people are scared and they are in pain, they start to panic," Meghan explained. "And it doesn't look like there's any resolution to this coming in the future." She went on to say she understands those with children who are feeling the ramifications of the government shutdown, "When people are looking down the barrel of the inability to feed their children, to send their children to college, to possibly lose their homes, I understand the anger and the pain."


At the end of her conversation, McCain did want to remind everyone that she doesn't want everything to completely go back to the way it was. She believes in social distancing and doesn't want to see more people lose their lives to the disease. McCain did say that "I do think there has to be some kind of balance with this."