Tyra Banks' Fate on 'Dancing With the Stars' Reportedly Hinged on Reaction to Co-Host News

Tyra Banks has not had it easy since accepting hosting duties on Dancing With the Stars. Ever since she joined the show in 2020, there have been reports from insiders that she's a terror to work with. A source told Radar Online that it's Banks' diva-like behavior that made execs vet The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air alum Alfonso Ribeiro as her co-host. Ribeiro competed on the show in the past. The America's Next Top Model creator was reportedly given an ultimatum. "Tyra was basically told that she would have to co-host the show with Alfonso or not host the show at all," the source claims, ok OK! Magazine reports. "Tyra tried to host the show solo, and it just didn't work. She thought her personality and talent would be enough, but viewers didn't agree," the source added. "Focus groups showed they missed the chemistry of two hosts working together. Obviously, Tyra wasn't happy about the decision, but she had no choice, if she refused, she would have been shown the door."

Despite rumors about Banks, Ribeiro was excited to join the show and work alongside her. "Alfonso has worked with Tyra before and knows what he is getting into," the source notes, referring to Banks having a guest role on the 90s sitcom. "She might not [like having] him around, but the good news is everyone else does. Firing Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews and replacing them with Tyra was a huge mistake. They can't get Tom and Erin back but bringing back Alfonso might work. If it doesn't, the show will be canceled."

Banks is alleged to have "wild demands" and is "disrespectful" toward to her co-workers. Producers are dying to revive the show's popularity amongst it viewers and regain their standing. 

Due to the lower ratings, there have been budget cuts. The dancers will now earn around $1,600 per episode, as opposed to what they previously earned of $5,200. 


The show is also moving to Disney+. "With the show moving from the network to streaming, the budget has been vastly reduced. Sure, they would love to see as many familiar professional dancers return as possible but that isn't likely to happen when the cast sees how big the pay cut is going to be," the insider continued. "After all these years, the fans of the show know the dancers better than the 'stars,' but the new economics of the show makes it impossible to pay them what they have earned in the past."