2019 Tony Awards: James Corden's Opening Musical Number Left Fans Stunned

The 73rd Annual Tony Awards got off to a great start according to viewers. Host James Corden's opening number seemed to give Neil Patrick Harris' a run for its money according to those tuning in to the salute to Broadway's best.

Corden went all out dressed in his pink jacket, singing and dancing with a selection of this year's nominees. The casts from Ain't to Proud to Bed, Hadestown, The Prom, Tootsie, and Beetlejuice all joined The Late Late Show host on the stage for an opening that some fans called the greatest in the show's history.

"Amazing, off the charts, best awards show opener ever," one fan wrote.

"I am so glad that [James Corden] is back hosting," another added. "That is how you kick off a show."

Corden had a lot of fears about his opening number according to Variety.

“As it stands right now, a potential disaster,” Corden said Thursday during a rehearsal break. “It’s ambitious. Look, we want to make an opening that tells people that there is a show and that’s it’s happening and it’s live and it’s now.”

“This is a room I think per square meter the most talented people on planet Earth. We’re going to try to celebrate as best as we can, but it’s ambitious," Corden added. "There’s no denying it.”

"I could seriously just watch James do this for the next three hours," another fan added about the performance, hopefully giving Corden little boost he needed.

Corden even shared how "restless" he had become while preparing for the number, using his wife's support to get him through the preparation.

"Two nights ago I did not sleep and my wife woke at like 4 a.m. and she was like, 'Babe, what are you doing?'" Corden noted. "I was like, 'This is a silly idea. What if I fall over? What if I can't do it?' That's why you do it! You gotta try and I rather regret doing something than not doing something."


In the end, the opening got a standing ovation and Corden almost seemed a little overwhelmed by emotion. If anything, the room thought he was a success and everything went off without a hitch.

You can still catch the Tony Awards in progress on CBS and stream it anytime on CBS All Access.