'Today': Multiple Proposals Go Down Live on Air on Valentine's Day

NBC's Today Show never fails to surprise its viewers, and Tuesday was no exception. The show featured live proposals from five couples in a Valentine's Day segment. All five couples said 'yes' within five minutes, with Savannah Guthrie there to ensure everything went smoothly. Taking to Instagram to share photos from the memorable event, she wrote, "What an honor to be part of these couples' beautiful journeys!! I love love!!!" Guthrie wore a pink floral dress for the special day and received her own Valentine's Day surprises before she arrived at work that morning. She shared on social media pictures of the handmade cards her two young children, Vale, 8, and Charles, 6, made for her. Her daughter wrote that the anchor was "super fun and amazing in every way."

Elsewhere on Today, Jenna Bush Hager admitted she gave her husband Henry Hager a "manipulative ultimatum" years before they were engaged. Jenna revealed that she wanted to see if Henry would stop her from leaving Washington, DC, at the time. She told her then-boyfriend, 41, "Now, listen, if you don't want me to move to Latin America, we need to get engaged." In her words, Jenna's conversation was "a manipulative ultimatum." The following Valentine's Day, Henry took her to a nice restaurant, where they received a champagne bottle tied with the message "Don't go." In her excitement, the author of Everything Beautiful in Its Time nearly "beeped" her pants, thinking she was about to get engaged. As it turned out, the message was miswritten and should have said, "Go, and when you come back, I'll be here."

"I was, like, 'Yes, I will marry you,' and [Henry's] face dropped," Jenna added. "I mean, he could have cried. Well, anyway, he was not proposing." At the time of the incident, the daughter of former President George W. Bush was already a public figure, so the Washington Post picked up the story and said she had "soiled" her pants. As if that wasn't bad enough, Jenna added, Henry did not propose to her until "years" later. The TV host said her husband revived the funny story for this year's Valentine's Day by framing it so they would "always remember the humiliation that comes with love." Following their marriage in 2008, the couple has been together for nearly 15 years. Jenna and Harry also have three children, Mila, 9; Poppy, 7; and Hal, 3.